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Due to our extensive skill sets and areas of expertise, at Savage Industries we have completed a vast range of Projects, both on-site and in-house. Some of our recent projects include:

Crane static line upgrade, access points

Grease chute collector from filter bat unit

Walkway extension/ upgrades in CHPP

Handrail extension & modifications

Installation & Fabrication of conveyor & equipment guarding

Reline of feeder chute plates

Electronic Trailer Brake upgrades onsite total of 124 upgrades

Dozer Blade and Push arm Refurbs

Burton Mine ROM & Feeder Rebuild

High Bay Washplant Light Bracket Upgrade

Newlands Mine CHPP Feeder Rebuild

Aury Screen Strip and rebuild SUB Frame Structure

Communications Tower Upgrade

Crusher Refurbishment



AHA Trailer Brake Upgrades

Through 2022 and 2023, our team successfully completed an intensive Trailer Brake Upgrades Project, requested by one of our site-based clients.Spanning over a short six-month period, 124 electronic trailer brake components, were successfully removed and upgraded in-house, then demobbed back to site.

Truck Tray Refurbishment

Our team successfully refurbished this old truck tray, by removing the worn and rusted components and fully refurbishing and replacing them.We use quality materials and skilled labour to ensure the longevity of the new tray and finished it off with sandblasting and fresh paint.

High Bay Washplant Light Bracket Upgrade

Our team successfully completed the fabrication and installation of 20 High Bay Washplant Light Brackets, for one of our site-based clients, in a short time efficient manner.We ensure that all our team members are up-to-date with their Safety Certificates, including Working at Heights, so these types of jobs can be completed safely and effectively.

Trailer Builds

Over the duration of the company’s operations, we have successfully designed and built numerous Light and Heavy Duty Trailers.

They are individually designed and built for fit-for-purpose use, based on the client’s requirements. Our Trailer builds can also include Paint and Roadworthy for Registration purposes.

Dozer Blade & Push Arm Refurbishments

Our expert labour team successfully and safely completed a full refurbishment package on our clients’ Dozer Push Arm and Blade in 2020.

Damaged and rusted components were removed and replaced with quality materials, with the items being sandblasted and freshly painted for longevity and quality presentation.

At Savage Industries, we pride ourselves that no project is too big or small for our professional and skilled team.

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